Pre-Conference Training Events on Firearms and Domestic Violence

Guns and domestic violence are a deadly combination. Perpetrators of domestic violence who have access to guns pose a lethal threat to those they abuse, the community, and law enforcement. When a perpetrator has access to a gun, the risk of the intimate partner being murdered by their abuser is five times more likely[i]. With a better understanding of the realities of domestic violence and the use of tools such as a risk/lethality assessment, law enforcement can help determine the level of danger a victim of domestic violence faces and their risk of being killed by their intimate partner as well as gain information that can impact officer and victim safety.

Organized crime and drug trafficking organizations routinely use vehicles equipped with large natural voids and aftermarket constructed hidden compartments. These compartments are used to traffic guns, drugs, bulk U.S. Currency, and explosive devices.

Prior to the start of IACP 2013, the IACP’s Project Safe Neighborhoods initiative will co-host two no-cost training events on these topics. The trainings will be held on Friday, October 18th in the Philadelphia Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA. Additionally, attendees receive FREE access to the IACP 2013 Exhibit Hall (Restrictions Apply). These courses will be held concurrently. Registering for either course DOES NOT INCLUDE IACP 2013 registration.

Pre-Registration is Required! Registration closes October 9th .

Assessing Risk: Firearms and Domestic Violence: The presentation will identify high risk and lethality indicators, including guns, for victims and law enforcement; define realities of domestic violence perpetrators; emphasize the connection between domestic violence and officer safety; and highlight procedures and methods law enforcement can implement to increase the safety of victims and officers. Register at

Project Safe Neighborhoods Detecting Hidden Compartments (Law Enforcement Only): This training will assist law enforcement, specifically the officer on patrol, with conducting vehicle searches. There will be an overview of the search sequence, tools needed, accessing the compartments, and safety concerns. The ability to detect these hidden compartments will greatly increase the success of law enforcement and its ability to combat the criminal element traveling our highways. Register at

Please contact Courtney E. Mariette at for more information.

[i] Campbell, Jacquelyn C., et al. “Risk factors for femicide in abusive relationships: Results from a multisite case control study.” Journal Information 93.7 (2003).

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