Conference Spotlight: Public Information Officers Track

Are you attending IACP 2013 and love social media? With technology and social media capabilities taking leaps and bounds, it is important for law enforcement officers to keep up with the amount of media that the public can generate from these resources. One offhand comment in front of a live video camera can magnify a police officer’s entire private life. At the same time, streamlining crime tips from the information available through social media can be an extremely important asset to police investigations, as evidenced by the role of social media in catching the Boston bombers. That’s why we have the Public Information Officers Track!

Speaking of Boston, the superintendent-in-chief of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA), Joseph O’Connor, will be presenting a seminar on how the MBTA and the Boston Police Department began communicating critical information to the public via social media. Mr. O’Connor will demonstrate how the two agencies disseminated the information and the lessons other public information officers can learn from the events in Boston. This workshop is entitled “Case Study: Boston – Leading Social Media in Crisis,” and is being held on Monday, October 21, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

With the speeds that information flies via social media, it is little wonder that many police executives hear about incidents involving police officers using force on civilians after the information is already in the public spotlight. Learn how to manage your social media resources when they are being targeted for retaliation by the public in the “Use of Force in the Digital Age” educational session. This presentation is given by Dionne Waugh, a Public Information Officer from the Richmond Police Department.

These and other equally important workshops are available in the Public Information Officers Track, which offers sessions throughout the entire conference from October 19 until 23.

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