Conference Spotlight: Police Physicians Section Track

Wondering if you should attend IACP 2013 in Philadelphia from October 19 through October 23? Well, consider going for the Police Physicians Section Track! This track is focused on preserving the safety and wellness, both physical and mental, of law enforcement officers. Police executives and medical practitioners will share their research in this area of expertise.

If you’re interested in learning about the law enforcement and medical services integration which took place in response to the Boston Bombings, and the relevant issues which were brought to light, then the “Law Enforcement Medical Implications of the Boston Marathon Bombing” session is for you! Panelists will discuss the implications of the event on the collaborations needed between first responders, including police officers and medical services, as well as the psychological support that the events in Boston necessitated.

Speaking of officer wellness, this track includes a session entitled “The Benefits of Implementing an Officer Wellness Program”! Qualified medical experts will discuss the pros and cons of the creative and progressive wellness program that one police department implemented.

So if you’re looking to implement an officer wellness program in your department, or seeking to enhance it, come to IACP 2013 and check out the Police Physicians Section Track! Workshops are offered from Saturday, October 19, through Monday, October 21.

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