Conference Spotlight: Police Psychologists Services Section Track

The 2013 IACP Annual Conference and Expo, from October 19 through October 23, is rapidly approaching! Have you considered attending this monumental event to see what’s new in the field of police psychology? If so, then the Police Psychologists Services Section Track will not disappoint! Here are just a couple of educational sessions available in this track:

  • Reasoning Errors in Ethical Decision Making: Police work involves a wide spectrum of decision-making, including life-or-death choices. The experienced panelists in this session will discuss the contributing factors that may cause police officers to make errors in their decision-making, including rational processes and non-rational factors like emotions and intuition.
  • Too Much, Too Ugly: Psychological Responses to Mass Casualty Shootings: Aurora on your mind? What about Sandy Hook? These infamous mass casualty shootings will continue to resonate throughout law enforcement agencies. The speakers in this workshop will discuss the effects of responding to shootings with a high number of fatalities and injuries on law enforcement personnel. The impact on police psychological services, organizational challenges, and media interactions will also be addressed.

This important track is becoming even more crucial given the tragic shootings in the past few years. Sessions in the Police Psychologists Services Section Track are offered from October 19 through October 21, so be sure to attend IACP 2013!

Questions? Check out the official conference website,

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