Conference Spotlight: IACP Programs & Services / Meet the IACP Speakers Series

Are you getting the MOST out of your IACP membership?

For many, IACP membership means an awesome annual conference and a fantastic monthly magazine. We are immensely proud of these great benefits, but the IACP has much more to offer.

Through advocacy, training, research, and professional services, the Association works hard to help our members and their agencies tackle the most pressing issues of the day.   The IACP is staffed by 100+ professionals engaged in a variety of activities, from grant management and research to training and technical assistance, all designed to advance leadership and professionalism in policing.

Find time in your conference schedule to learn more through the new Meet the IACP Speakers Series at the IACP Programs & Services booth (#2425).  Review the schedule below and explore a sample of what the Association has to offer.  These brief presentations are led by IACP subject matter experts and leaders, including Executive Director, Bart Johnson, and incoming President Yousry Zakhary.  Each hour of the day is devoted to a different issue, project, or service of the IACP, so you’re sure to find something of interest. Presentations begin at the top of each hour. Stop by any time during the hour to meet with our speakers, ask questions, offer feedback, and learn more about what the IACP can do for you.

In addition to meeting staff and leaders of the Association, the Programs & Services booth offers a host of IACP-produced resources, guidebooks, and publications, all available at no-cost in hard copy or via USB download.  Name a topic or interest area, and odds are the IACP has a resource to match that need!

See you at the booth!


10:00 AM
IACP’s Resources for Ensuring Safety and Reducing Liability in Police Lockups;
Dominick Liberatore, IACP Project Assistant & Mike McCampbell, Managing Director, CIPP

11:00 AM
Advancing Your Agency’s Vision Through IACP Promotional Assessments;
Kim Kohlhepp, Manager, IACP Center for Testing Services and Career Development

12:00 PM
How You Can Support and Benefit from the IACP Foundation;
Petey Casstevens, Director, IACP Foundation

1:00 PM
IACP Leadership in Police Organizations Program: How to Bring Premier Training to Your Agency;
Cecelia Rosser, Director, IACP Training Division & Robby Jacobsen, Project Coordinator, IACP Center for Police Leadership and Training

2:00 PM
Auditing Agency Operations with IACP Management Studies;
Jessie Lee, Manager, IACP Executive Services

3:00 PM
IACP Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Initiatives;
Kelly Burke, Program Manager, IACP Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Initiatives

4:00 PM
Behind the Scenes of the IACP: A Chat with the Executive Director;
Bart Johnson, IACP Executive Director


10:00 AM
The IACP Center for Social Media: Helping Your Department Navigate Web 2.0;
Nancy Kolb, IACP Senior Program Manager, Community Safety Initiatives & Mark Economou, Public Information Officer, Boca Raton Police Dept, FL

11:00 AM
IACP’s International Police Education and Training Program: How Your Agency Can Help;
Tony Havonec, Program Manager, IACP International Police Education and Training Program & Robby Jacobsen, Project Coordinator, IACP Center for Police Leadership and Training

12:00 PM
IACP Resources for Career Development & Mentoring;
Ben Ekelund, Project Manager, IACP Smaller Law Enforcement Agency Program & Tracy Phillips, Senior Project Specialist, IACP Executive Services

1:00 PM
IACP Staffing Studies: How Many Officers Do I Need?;
Jessie Lee, Manager, IACP Executive Services & Tracy Phillips, Senior Project Specialist, IACP Executive Services

2:00 PM
The Association’s Year Ahead: A Chat with the Incoming IACP President;
Yost Zakhary, Director, Woodway Public Safety Department, TX

3:00 PM
Inside Police Chief Magazine: How to Advertise and Get Published;
Charlie Higginbotham, Director, IACP Information Services Division

4:00 PM
IACP Constitution, Resolutions, and Legislative Agenda: The Business of the Association;
Gene Voegtlin, Director, IACP Division of State Associations of Chiefs of Police


10:00 AM
IACP Alzheimer’s Initiatives: No Cost Resources and Training;
Amanda Burstein, Project Manager, IACP Alzheimer’s Initiatives

11:00 AM
IACP Center for Safety and Wellness: Assets to Help You and Your Officers;
Erin Vermilye, Manager, IACP Division of State Associations of Chiefs of Police & Ian Hamilton, Program Manager, IACP Center for Officer Safety & Wellness

12:00 PM
Countering Violent Extremism and the IACP-BJA Law Enforcement Cyber Center;
Michael Wagers, Ph.D., Director, IACP State & Provincial Police Division & David Roberts, Senior Program Manager, IACP Technology Center

1:00 PM
IACP Sections and Committees – How to Get Involved!;
John Firman, Director, IACP Research Center Directorate & Vincent Talucci, Director, IACP Programs & Research Directorate

This schedule is also available under the IACP’s exhibitor listing on the IACP2013 conference app!

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