Make Your Voice Heard: Vote on the 12 Proposed Constitutional Amendments Tomorrow

Guest blogger – Craig T. Steckler, IACP President

Upon being sworn in as President at last year’s conference, I identified one of my priorities as performing an in-depth review of the association’s governing document to ensure that the goals of our organization remain clear and consistent with the desires of the membership, and at the same time, that modern, profession and meaningful business practices are at work in support of our goals. To accomplish this, I convened a committee to review the IACP Constitution, with the approval of the Board of Officers.

The members of this committee were carefully selected to reflect the geographic and demographic diversity of our membership as well as to provide a variety of perspectives and experience. The committee was chaired by IACP Parliamentarian Ellen Hanson and its members were selected for this committee because of their long association with the IACP, their exposure to its operating principles, and their dedication to ensuring the association’s future success.

The committee members met several times throughout the year, invited comments and suggestions from the membership, and provided the Executive Committee with updates on their deliberations. Throughout the process, all parties involved were focused on the potential impact that these changes could have on our association and its future.

I am pleased to report that the work of the committee has resulted in twelve (12) proposed amendments to the IACP Constitution. Each of these proposed amendments represent an opportunity to ensure that the IACP adopts modern, professional association business practices, provides for greater representation of the membership, and allows our association to adopt its operations to reflect the needs and concerns of the membership.

These amendments were reviewed by, and received the strong and unanimous, support of the IACP Executive Committee.

These amendments will be placed before the membership at the Philadelphia conference. In order to be adopted, a proposed amendment to the IACP Constitution must receive the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the active membership present and voting during the annual conference.  Voting on proposed amendments will take place on Monday, October 21th.  The polling booths will open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 4:00 p.m.

I encourage you to make your voice heard by taking the opportunity to vote on these important amendments.  I am fully supportive all twelve amendments and believe that their adoption is essential to the future growth and continuing success of the IACP.  I urge you to support them as well.

It is my firm belief that approval of these proposed amendments will enhance the governance and operation of our associations, ensure the continuing success of the IACP, and allow us to fulfill our vision of “Serving the Leaders of Today and Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow.”

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