IACP and DHS Hold Meeting to Develop CVE National Training Portal


Local, state, and federal law enforcement representatives and Federal and private partners recently met as part of the IACP and U.S. Department of Homeland Security Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Homeland Security National Training Program. The advisory body discussed the development and delivery of a national training program to raise awareness and understanding of violent extremism while promoting and supporting community policing. New online courses for Frontline Officers, Supervisors and Chief Executives, and Field Training Officers and Academy Directors will offer modules on:

  • different types of violent extremists
  • implications on officer safety
  • building partnerships with community organization
  • understanding different cultures
  • the importance of community policing, and
  • how to engage community members in preventing acts of terrorism and violent extremism.

The advisory board’s feedback included suggestions for tracks and modules, using metrics to ensure the training program meets its intended goals, and how to market the training.

For more information about IACP’s CVE initiatives, visit the IACP’s redesigned website—www.IACP.org—and our CVE page—www.IACP.org/CounteringViolentExtremism.

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  1. Will the IACP training recommendations/materials be required to be “CAIR- Approved” as have certain federal training materials, or will they be vetted by a more objective organization?

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