Conference Spotlight: IACP 2014’s Hotel Lottery Tour

IACP 2013 may be over, but planning for IACP 2014 is well underway! The 121st IACP Annual Conference and Expo is happening in Orlando, Florida, from October 25-28, 2014. Many of your State Associations and other law enforcement organizations will participate in our Hotel Lottery Tour, which is an important step in planning the locations where you will enjoy your meetings and receptions.

During our Hotel Lottery Tour, from January 27-29 in Orlando, IACP’s partners will have a first look at which hotels will best suit their needs for meetings and receptions. This year, there is a fantastic selection of 22 hotels that provide meeting spaces and reception areas for your big event at IACP 2014 –you can rest assured that your association’s meetings will be comfortable!

Do you have a need for a block of 10+ rooms or a meeting space to conduct training, a sales meeting, or a reception? IACP can help in reserving space at one of these hotels for your event at conference. Contact Mairi Ferguson at

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