N-DEx by the Numbers has 141,000 users: Are you one of them?

“Once you learn more and use N-DEx [National Data Exchange Program], you will see what a powerful tool it will be.” – Former FBI Director, Robert Mueller.  N-DEx is the only national information sharing program for law enforcement, many people still have not heard of it and have no clue of its capabilities and size. In order to understand what a powerful tool N-DEx is, here are a few facts that illustrate what N-DEx has done since its launch in 2008.

  • Fusion Centers are Correction Departments are using N-DEx!
  • N-DEx strengthens the relationship between 20,000+ law enforcement agencies.
  • There are over 280 Million searchable ingested records and an additional 80 million searchable leveraged records, and those numbers grow daily.
  • N-DEx has over 141,000 users.
  • There have been nearly 1.8 billion entries into N-DEx.
  • Almost 5,000 agencies contribute to N-DEx.
  • Over a million transactions on the program on average each day.
  • Average of less than 6 seconds wait period for N-DEx to search the entirety of its records for results.

N-DEx is a large network and has done a lot since its launch, and it’s not slowing down! N-DEx is the only national investigative Information sharing system. It integrates data and information from across the entire country. With all the data shared by the thousands of contributing agencies and billions of entries from users, Investigators can optimize their use of information sharing technology, and magnifies the reach of their investigations.

Want to know more about N-DEx? Check out http://www.iacp.org/NDEX

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