N-DEx: A Tool for Success

National Data Exchange Program (N-DEx) has been very successful! Take a look at some of these stories to see how N-DEx has aided law enforcement across America.

In the spring of 2008, the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) responded to robbery and homicide call; however, the suspect in this case wasn’t identified until 2011. Upon getting the suspects name the FBI Philadelphia Violent Crimes Squad aided PPD by running the name of the suspect through an N-DEx search. N-DEx pulled up a closed domestic abuse case from Wilmington, Delaware, which not only gave police the suspects address, but also information on how the suspect interacted with police and that he had a wife and two children at the residence. Because of N-DEx the Philadelphia and Wilmington police were able to collaborate on the case and to arrest the suspect at his residence in Delaware without incident. Here N-DEx helped locate a suspect across state lines, through many jurisdictional barriers, and gave police much needed tactical information to keep them safe.

Another story comes to us from Denton Texas, where police were investigating a homicide at a convenience store. The only evidence that police had to go on was security video from the store. Though this video was not high quality, the police were able to make out an eagle tattoo on the left forearm of the suspect. Denton investigators searched the man’s description, including the tattoo through N-DEx and used the geographic filter to limit search to around northern Texas. The search pulled up a missing person report from Waco, Texas which included a description of an eagle tattoo on the left forearm of the man.  Denton investigators sent the security video over N-DEx’s secure collaboration platform to Waco investigators, who confirmed the identity of the suspect. An arrest warrant was then placed for the suspect, who was picked up a few days later at a sobriety check point.  In this success, N-DEx connected two separate cases from separate jurisdictions, with just a description of a tattoo!

Check out http://www.iacp.org/ndex-success to see more.

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