What’s Next for N-DEx?

Recently there have been a few post on what N-DEx does and how it works, but what about what it will be doing in the future? N-DEx has had great success reaching out to state, local, tribal, and federal law enforcement, now the IACP and FBI are focusing on getting more correctional agencies involved with N-DEx. Probation and parole contributors and users will be excellent additions to the network. In addition to corrections, the IACP and FBI have begun to focus more on the N-DEx use in fusion centers. Fusion centers are a central hub for information sharing of terrorism related data, and as such they make great participants in the N-DEx system.

N-DEx was successfully implemented into the metropolitan areas of Indianapolis, Detroit, and Boston. Every one of these areas has thousands of users that now have the ability to access the hundreds of millions of records that N-DEx has to offer. The Rhode Island Corrections Department has already joined the thousands of contributors to N-DEx, increasing N-DEx’s database size.

The IACP and FBI expect many more agencies and users to join this year, and if you are wondering why agencies and users are joining, take a look at this quote by Sheriff Larry Stelma from Kent County, Michigan:

“The question is often asked, ‘…where is my incentive to contribute data?’ My feeling is that by sharing information with N-DEx, my data is now open to thousands of investigators. This is the real value of the system: the ability to leverage the resources and expertise of the entire criminal justice community to solve crime and enhance public safety.”

Check out http://www.iacp.org/ndex for more information.

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