Leadership In Police Organizations: Certified Master Instructor Q and A with William Meeks

We asked Certified Master Instructor, William Meeks, to answer a few questions about his experience with the Leadership in Police Organizations program.

The 120 hour, three-week, Leadership In Police Organizations course is a focused on the systematic development of leaders at all levels of an organization – the concept of “every officer a leader.” The LPO course coaches people on how to lead individuals, groups, organizations, and efforts toward change. For any organization or enterprise, group dynamics can be the difference between success and failure. Students study these dynamics to become adept at making groups cohesive and better able to reach organizational goals.

Why did you get involved in teaching this course?Image
Very simply, this course changed my life – personally and professionally. To have the opportunity to have that effect on some other person was a high priority for me.

Why do you feel that this course is important?
This is the only course in Policing that makes as a claim, produces transformation. We then send these leaders back to their organizations to transform individuals, teams and the organization itself.

As an instructor, what do you feel is the most valuable part of the course?
Not only does the course deliver hundreds of leader strategies, but also produces individual transformation.

What’s your favorite thing about instructing the course?
Participation with class members is the most exciting aspect of the class dynamic.

What do you think is the most important thing for a participant to take away from the course?
Students look at people differently. They begin to view others as unique individuals with hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

What have you personally gained from instructing this course?
I have a pre-LPO career and a post-LPO career. This material and subsequent additional study has changed my personal life and my professional life.

Do you feel that this course could extend beyond just the law enforcement career of the participant?
This course applies to any situation where human interaction is present.

If you are interested in hosting or attending one of our Leadership In Police OrganizationsSM Programs, please contact us at training@theiacp.org.

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