Vermont Executives Enhance Leadership on Violence Against Women

Last month, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Law Enforcement Leadership Initiative on Violence Against Women team, in collaboration with the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services (VCCVS), hosted the Vermont Law Enforcement Leadership Institute on Violence Against Women in Burlington, Vermont. The three and a half day training event gave law enforcement leaders from throughout the state an opportunity to assess their departments’ investigation of and response to a spectrum of violence against women crimes. The attendees participated in workshops and activities on stalking, domestic violence, strangulation, firearms, sexual assault, and other interpersonal violence and co-occurring crimes. The Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence acted as a key partner in the creation of this Vermont tailored institute.

A grant awarded to VCCVS by the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) provided funding for this Institute. The grant supports a strategic statewide plan to decrease interpersonal violence related fatalities through an Advocacy Leadership Training Program and a law enforcement and advocate joint task force. Information was presented on the most current strategies and tools for addressing these crimes as well as pro-active and innovative procedures for response.

Also in attendance were representatives from the legal and advocacy fields throughout the state who work closely with law enforcement to implement programs and services for victims of violence against women. Presentations by the Vermont Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission, the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, and CIRCLE in collaboration with Barre City Police Department (VT), highlighted effective programs and partnerships that can be formed to implement victim-informed services.

More information about the Law Enforcement Leadership Institute on Violence Against Women and upcoming Institutes can be found at the following link:

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