IACP South American Conference Features Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

Pic_1Bogota, Colombia – Last week the IACP held the 13th IACP South American Executive Policing Conference, hosted by the Colombian National Police. IACP was represented by President Yost Zakhary, 4th Vice President Don De Lucca; State Association of Chiefs of Police Chairman Peter Carnes; and IACP International Policing Division Director Paul Santiago. Colombian National Police Director General Rodolfo Palomino delivered opening remarks along with President Zakhary, the keynote address was presented by Mr. Jay Bergman, Andean Region Director of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. The two day conference featured Cybersecurity and Cybercrime on the first day, with Mr. James Emerson IACP’s Chair of the Computer Crime and Digital Evidence Committee, and Mr. Jeremiah Johnson with the United States White Collar Crime Center or NWC3. The second day featured General Palomino; the Brazilian Secretary of Public Safety of the Federal District of Brazil Mr. Paulo Bautista de Oliveira; and Salvadorian Commissioner Marroquin Vides and Mr. James Rose of the United States State Department International Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Bureau (INL).


President Yost Zakhary and Keynote Speaker Jay Bergman, Andean Region Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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