New Police Chief Mentoring Project Seeking Mentors

Are you a new chief looking for guidance or an experienced chief with wisdom to share?

Copy of CRW_3562Being a police chief comes with unique responsibilities and challenges, and having an experienced mentor who has been through these same challenges can make a big difference in a new police chief’s transition. The IACP New Police Chief Mentoring Project is a cost-free professional development opportunity that connects experienced and newer chiefs for formal short-term or problem-oriented mentoring.

Benefits for New Chiefs:

  • Expands professional expertise and camaraderie
  • Increases their likelihood for success
  • Helps avoid pitfalls and provides learning through real-life examples
  • Builds confidence through achievements
  • Provides counsel, support, and encouragement to excel

Benefits for Mentors:

  • Provides a personally rewarding experience of helping develop new talent
  • Offers great satisfaction in seeing a new chief succeed
  • Generates creativity by obtaining varying perspectives from the new chiefs
  • Improves skills and techniques learned through the experience and training
  • Is valued by organizations and respected by colleagues

Ready to sign up?

Will you be in Orlando for the IACP Annual Conference? A New Policing Chief Mentoring Registration Station will be available in the Smaller Agency Certificate Track Room W110B. Stop in to talk to program staff and learn more about this opportunity.

Or sign up online today through the Discover Policing Mentor Board! Visit to register and create your profile as a mentor or mentee, highlighting your agency size and type, professional experience, and mentoring needs. You can then search the database for matches that meet your skills, needs, interests, or location and contact them through the site to get started.

For more information, contact Jennifer Styles at or 1-800-THE-IACP, ext 804.

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