Conference Event: Open Forum on Reducing the Trust Deficit with Communities of Color

On Sunday, October 26th, the IACP will hold an open forum on Reducing the Trust Deficit with Communities of Color at IACP’s Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL.

Many law enforcement agencies confront a “trust deficit” with a range of racial and ethnic cultures in their communities. The situation presents a continuum of concern for police, ranging from inability to maximize service obligations, to resistance or even refusal of communities of color to partner in public safety activity, to outright fear of and hostility toward law enforcement officers.

Through facilitated discussion, participants will explore barriers, implicit and overt, to building respectful relationships between law enforcement and communities of color. Participants are encouraged to speak candidly with their peers about challenges, successes, and concerns. The forum will culminate in a discussion of what resources would be most beneficial to law enforcement leaders as they think about reducing the trust deficit in their community.

This session will be restricted to sworn law enforcement (no media will be permitted). Space in this session is limited.

We encourage you to include the open forum held Sunday, October 26th from 8:30am-10:30am in room W306AB on your conference agenda.

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