Conference General: NIJ Saturday Session

Budgets are getting tighter, and leaders are expecting great things from you. Sound familiar? Then you are keenly aware of how important it is to make choices and investments that produce the most effective policies and practices.

With that in mind, the IACP and the National Institute of Justice  – the U.S. Department of Justice’s research and evaluation agency – have created a special full-day plenary on cutting edge policing research and technology. “NIJ Saturday Session: What Works and What Matters in Policing” will feature robust discussions between law enforcement leaders who tell you how they are using research to make wise decisions. Panelists at the Saturday session will explore the evidence about what works in a range of challenging situations.

The sessions begin at 9 a.m today and last until 3 p.m.  We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

Lineup for Saturday:

Reducing Traffic-Related Officer Injuries:  New findings have revealed a number of factors that lead to law enforcement vehicle crashes and injuries. Researchers will discuss what you can do to mitigate risk and increase officer safety.  Law enforcement executives will discuss innovative practices to increase traffic safety and inspire culture agency-wide culture change.

Domestic Radicalization: Trends, Ideology, and Preventing Violent Extremism in Our Communities: We are starting to understand more and more about domestic radicalization and violent extremism. Researchers, federal officials, and police executives will explain the issues and the things law enforcement can do to implement community-level responses to prevent and mitigate radicalization in their jurisdictions.

Technology: Tools for Working Smarter, Safer, and Cheaper: Experts will present the newest and most promising NIJ-funded technology, including a project to optimize the use of video technology to improve criminal justice outcomes, an effort to identify the most effective lighting and marking for emergency vehicles to prevent accidents, and projects related to low-cost unmanned aircraft.  

 Keeping our Communities Safe:  Increasing Firearm Safety through Research and Technology: Police practitioners and researchers will discuss what we know works to reduce gun violence in our communities, what we need to know in order to increase safety, and innovative practices law enforcement agencies can implement to better trace and interdict illegal gun transfers in their jurisdiction.

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