Webinar – Reducing Crime With Data-Driven Policing

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What happens when cops stop driving around? Crime goes down.

It was just a few years ago—June 2011 to be exact—that Toledo saw a 226 percent jump in shootings over that same month in 2009. And by the end of 2011, the city showed a two-year increase of 12 percent in its UCR, while shootings for that same time frame had increased by 60 percent.

That’s when the police department for Ohio’s fourth-largest city decided to make some big changes. Among them was a reorganization that called for fewer officers driving around on random patrol and a shift to data-driven policing—much of which is based on predictive analytics.

Attend this free webinar on December 11 at 2 pm ET and learn how analytics helped Toledo reduce reported UCR offenses by 27 percent and burglaries by 36 percent. Captain Michael Troendle, Commander of the Toledo Police Department’s Strategic Response Bureau, will also explain why the department turned to analytics for help and how they put the new program into action.

Register now and learn what you need to consider if you’re thinking about following in Toledo’s footsteps.

This blog post sponsored by IBM.

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