Help Deter Cybercrime by Participating in Global Safer Internet Day

A Message from IACP President Richard Beary

Cybercrime is a global threat to the economic and the physical security of every nation. It is one of the leading crime problems facing the world today and in the foreseeable future. That is why I have made cybercrime one of my Presidential Initiatives this year.

Our law enforcement organizations must be prepared to recognize and investiTeenager addicted to the Internet and Social Media using phone agate these crimes. As part of an effort to raise awareness around cybercrime and to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, the IACP will be sharing over social media a monthly tip in the hope to help reduce cybercrime. We will be kicking off the monthly tip by participating in Global Safer Internet Day on February 10, 2015. In celebration of Global Safer Internet Day, we will be posting the following tip on the IACP’s social media accounts. We encourage you to participate in this day by sharing our post, posting the info displayed below, or creating one of your own.

In celebration of Safer Internet Day, we wanted to share a safety tip to help you take steps to secure your online accounts. Safety Tip #1: activate login approvals on your Facebook account.

Using login approvals, also known as two-factor authentication, helps to ensure you are the only person logging into your account. You can turn on login approvals on Facebook by going to and clicking on “Security” on the left-hand side.

Once login approvals are activated, Facebook will send you a code to enter whenever you log in to a new device (such as a new phone or browser). Once you enter the code, the new device will be stored and you don’t need to reenter it again in the future.

Two-factor authentication is often cited as one of the best ways to secure your account. It is also available on other websites such as Google and Twitter.

Safer Internet Day Tip: Secure your @facebook account using login approvals to ensure only you are accessing your account @Insafenetwork

Thank you for helping us raise awareness around the issue of cybercrime. I look forward to continuing to work on this initiative during my time as President in order to better assist law enforcement agencies as they deal with this global threat.

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