Three Things to Do During National Police Week

Established in 1962, National Peace Officers Memorial Day and National Police Week provides a time for the nation to come together to recognize law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. It is also a time for us to honor all of the law enforcement officers who protect and serve their communities each and every day.

Here are just a few ways that you can celebrate this time of honor and recognition for our nation’s law enforcement officers.

1. Thank an officer (even if you are one). Publicly, privately, it doesn’t matter, just say thank you. Officers not only risk their lives, but also deal with incredibly tough situations on a daily basis. It can often times feel like a thankless job. Showing that you appreciate those that serve the community in which you live, work, do business, or just visit, can go a long way. If you are an officer, thank a colleague or a mentor. There have likely been countless officers who have helped you during your journey to where you are today, so thank them, and thank each other.

2. Attend Police Week events. National Police Week events are being held in Washington, DC and in communities across the country. If there is nothing happening in your area, look into starting a memorial service or other event to honor those who protect and serve.

"I wear my badge as a reminder of my responsibility to provide a safe community and to protect the innocent. My grandson reminds me too of that too." - Chief Kent Barker, IACP Vice President at Large

“I wear my badge as a reminder of my responsibility to provide a safe community and to protect the innocent. My grandson reminds me of that too.” – Chief Kent Barker, IACP Vice President at Large

3. Join the #WhyIWearTheBadge campaign. The IACP has developed a campaign to highlight the diversity and commitment of law enforcement officers. Using the hashtag #WhyIWearTheBadge, we encourage officers to use social media to share their stories and let people know why they chose this profession and what keeps them motivated as they protect and serve. For more information on this initiative, visit the #WhyIWearTheBadge webpage.

We hope you will join us this week as we remember and honor those who work hard to keep our communities safe.

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One Response to Three Things to Do During National Police Week

  1. Bobby Webster says:

    This year, to kick off National Police Week our local chapter of the Hartselle Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc (HCPAAA, Inc.) sponsored an event for the officers and their families on Saturday May 9th, 2015 entitled “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”. This event was not just for the local Hartselle Police but for all the law enforcement agencies of Morgan County Alabama with the public being invited. We sent invitations to 10 different law enforcement agencies within the county, including all 6 police departments, the sheriffs department, the state troopers, the local game and fish agency and district attorneys office. The event was located at Earth Park in downtown Hartselle, Alabama.
    The Hartselle Police Department had officers there to answer questions or listen to concerns from the public. There were displays from the Police, Game and Fish and the Sheriffs Department.
    For the event we served free hotdogs, soft drinks, popcorn, shaved ice and cotton candy. The local banks gave our group small items to give to the children, items included balloons, pens, pencils, colors, coloring books and etc. Other businesses gave items such as trays for the hotdogs, gas for the balloons and etc. The local Board of Education helped get word out to the public by sending flyers home with the elementary and intermediate school students. The local papers gave the event advance articles in the papers. A local church brought their Bouncy Slide and Bouncy House for the kids to play on. We do not have an accurate account of the number who attended but we served 233 hotdogs with a number of people skipping the hotdogs and going for the popcorn or cotton candy.
    On Wednesday May 13, 2015 the HCPAAA, Inc. will serve the Hartselle Police Department and Morgan County Drug Task Force (which consist of officers from both the Hartselle Police Department and the Morgan County Sheriffs Department) a home cooked B-B-Q chicken lunch with the trimmings.

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