A Track for Families at IACP 2015

Law enforcement officers depend on their families for support throughout their careers. So, it is important that families understand the challenges they may face at home and that their officer may face at work. It is also important that families have access to the tools and resources they need to overcome the many different situations they encounter through an officer’s career.

This year, at the IACP Annual Conference and Exposition, we have developed a track specifically for families of law enforcement officers. The IACP 2015 Companion Track consists of four sessions that cover the various issues that law enforcement family members face and provide them with successful strategies for work and home.

Sessions include:

Climbing the Ranks While Staying Grounded: Adapting to Challenges that Come with Promotion – As law enforcement professionals ascend the ranks with promotions, they assume new challenges and responsibilities both on and off duty: changing supervisory dynamics, navigating work relationships, and new commitments affecting family routines. Panelists will discuss their personal experiences adapting to such changes and offer strategies on how to achieve success in both the personal and professional arenas.

No Longer 9-5: Achieving a Work-Life Balance – The law enforcement profession often demands atypical work hours, resulting in conflicting schedules with family members. This impacts relationship dynamics, an officer’s ability to participate in family and extracurricular activities, and may contribute to a number of potentially detrimental medical conditions. Panelists will discuss how officers can best adapt to a non-traditional work schedule and maximize their time and well-being off duty.

Smart Money: Managing Family Finances for the Future – Maintaining a budget, building an emergency savings, and investing for long-term expenses and retirement are crucial for workers in any profession. The inherent uncertainties of law enforcement dictate that sound money management practices are even more imperative for long-term financial security for an officer and his or her family. Such strategies will be discussed in this session.

Who’s Taking Care of the Chief? The Role of Family in Resiliency – A police chief is tasked with ensuring the safety and well-being of his or her officers, but the demands and stressors that accompany a leadership position must also be acknowledged. What roles can spouses and families play in supporting a loved one serving as a law enforcement executive?

These sessions are open to all registered conference attendees. Visit the IACP 2015 registration page for information on registration categories. You can also visit the official conference website for more information on these and the other educational sessions taking place at IACP 2015.

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