New at IACP 2015 – Perspective Series

This year at IACP 2015, attendees will have access to a new feature: the IACP Perspective Series. These cutting-edge sessions will focus on the global challenges facing law enforcement and the impact these challenges have on local agencies. Each interactive session will feature leaders in the field who will provide attendees with their unique perspectives and detail first-hand experiences addressing these critical issues. The IACP Perspective Series will identify common themes and practical solutions that attendees can implement in their own communities. Here is an outline of this year’s lineup.

Violent Extremism: Local Impacts and Lessons Learned (Sunday, October 25, 1:00 – 3:00 PM) – A cross section of law enforcement and community leaders will discuss the lessons learned from their first-hand experiences in confronting attacks by violent extremists. The discussion will focus on what law enforcement leaders can do to prepare their agency and equip their officers to reduce and combat violent extremism.

Challenges of Policing into the Future (Monday, October 26, 1:00 – 3:00 PM) – This session will feature a panel discussion of leaders from national law enforcement communities: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States. Panelists will address a wide range of topics affecting law enforcement agencies around the world today and the threats and challenges facing agencies in the future.

You Will Get Hacked, What Every Chief Needs to Know about the Threats and Even Bigger Opportunities in Cyberspace (Tuesday, October 27, 1:00 – 3:00 PM) – Technology is changing society at a faster pace than at any time in human history. Cyber threats could decimate your agency, or new technologies could bring new capabilities beyond what you could imagine just a few years ago. Cybersecurity expert Marc Goodman and tech entrepreneur and TASER Founder Rick Smith will lead this session on the single biggest risk and the largest opportunity facing agencies today: the rapidly shifting technology landscape reshaping modern society.

For more information on these sessions and the other opportunities at IACP 2015, visit the official conference website.

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