National Law Enforcement Challenge: No Losers, Only Winners

Guest blogger: Chief Robert Maynard, California Highway Patrol

IACP_NLEC_logo-star_borderThe National Law Enforcement Challenge (NLEC) is much more than a chance to add another accolade to your department’s award cabinet. There is a bigger picture to be seen here. Referencing the old saying, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure,” the NLEC is a unique tool that allows law enforcement agencies to take a hard look at their agency’s effectiveness in traffic safety. The NLEC provides an opportunity to take a systematic approach to identify your agency’s strengths and vulnerabilities regarding traffic safety. Likewise, the NLEC is more than just about enforcement stats and collision data. We have a duty to ask ourselves, “What can we do to improve traffic safety?”

Quantifying and describing your agency’s efforts enables you to easily demonstrate the value of your traffic safety program. It also provides transparency and a positive means to effectively engage your community. In addition, it provides information to those who are otherwise unfamiliar with your agency’s efforts to safeguard their lives. Participating agencies have found the NLEC brings a great deal of positive attention to their agency as well as improved traffic safety.

By the same token, documenting traffic safety efforts demonstrates accountability and the value of a strong traffic safety program. The NLEC showcases your agency’s efforts and achievements to your mayor, city council, board of supervisors, and those in your community. The information you gather can be valuable evidence towards renewing your agency’s contracts or even obtaining grant funding to enhance your community’s overall roadway safety. The format of the NLEC is simple, clear, and concise. With the use of the easy-to-follow How-To Guide, any agency can create a competitive submission.

California Highway Patrol Commissioner, Joe Farrow, is a strong supporter of the National Law Enforcement Challenge, stating, “The Challenge is a fundamental tool in expanding our partnerships in traffic safety.”

Many agencies put forth a great deal of money, a substantial amount of energy, and dedicate numerous personnel towards accomplishing their traffic safety goals. We have sworn to serve our communities, and have committed ourselves to the highest standards. What better way to display your agency’s efforts in traffic safety than by participating in the NLEC?

The question isn’t, why participate? The question is, why not?

For more information, visit the National Law Enforcement Challenge webpage.

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