Is the IACP Calling?

Recently, we’ve received a number of inquiries about phone solicitations for donations.

The IACP and IACP Foundation do not solicit funds over the phone and are not associated with any other not-for-profit or paid fundraising organization that does solicit funds in this manner.

While the IACP and the IACP Foundation are 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations, we do not participate in phone solicitations nor do we have plans to do this in the future.

Donations to the IACP Foundation can be made online and through the mail as a one-time gift, a monthly gift, a planned gift, or at the 10th Annual Gala being held at the 2016 IACP Annual Conference in San Diego, California. The only time someone from the IACP Foundation will call regarding a donation is to say thank you or to clarify your recent donation or respond to a donation inquiry.

If you are contacted via phone to give to the IACP Foundation, please collect as much information as you can about the organization. Some questions you may ask include:

  • Where they are located
  • Where can you get more information, such as a website
  • What is a number that you can use to call them back
  • Are they employees of the IACP Foundation or work for an outside soliciting group
  • What percentage of funds you are donating would go directly to the IACP Foundation
  • What is the EIN number of the organization for tax purposes (anyone doing a phone solicitation should know they organization’s EIN number)

Then let us know what you have learned so we can work with our Attorney General and local law enforcement to stop this fraud. For questions about the IACP Foundation, please contact Diana Wisler Beckmann at or 1-800-THE-IACP, extension 213.

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