IACP and Howard University Team Up On Policing Inside-Out Program

The IACP’s Institute for Community Police Relations (ICPR) has formed a partnership with Howard University to offer an innovative 15-week course entitled, Policing Inside-Out: Building Trust Through Transformative Education, that will engage students, law enforcement officers, community leaders, and criminal justice experts.

This unique course mixes “outside” participants (university students, community members) with “inside” participants (police officers) in a classroom environment. Students are challenged to reexamine what they have come to know about law enforcement and social justice issues while gaining a deeper understanding of community-police relations in the 21st century. Participants engage intense dialogue on criminal justice issues using real world examples, while participating in ride-alongs, field trips, and group projects. Principle texts for the course are the IACP’s National Summit Report on Community-Police Relations and the President’s Task Force Report.

The Policing Inside-Out course is co-led by Dr. Bahiyyah M. Muhammad, Assistant Professor of Criminology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Howard University, and IACP Visiting Fellow, Lt. Tarrick McGuire from the Arlington, Texas, Police Department. This course is modeled after other Inside-Out experiences that are taught by Dr. Muhammad, including Prisons Inside-Out (dealing with incarceration) and Juvenile Inside-Out (dealing with juvenile detention centers).

The fall 2016 Policing Inside-Out class, underway now at Howard University, comprises 10 Howard students from a variety of backgrounds and academic disciplines and 10 Baltimore City police officers from diverse units across the department and with years of experience ranging from three years to more than 30 years. The course syllabus includes discussion of community-police relations, citizen complaints and internal affairs investigations, community policing, use of force, and other contemporary topics. The ICPR will chronicle and report out on the progress of this course through the IACP blog.

For  additional coverage, view the IACP Press Release and an interview on WJLA Let’s Talk Live, Washington, D.C..



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