My Experience Being an IACP Member

IACP President Donald W. De Lucca, Chief of Police of the Doral (FL) Police Department


IACP President De Lucca as Assistant Chief of the Miami Beach Police Department in 1999. 

This past January I reached an IACP milestone; I became a lifetime member of the association after 20 years of service. I am honored to be part of such a distinguished group of individuals within the membership.

With reaching this milestone in my career; as IACP’s Membership Month comes to a close and we kick off February’s President’s Drive, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on my experience as a member of the law enforcement community and as a member of the IACP.

I wanted to be in law enforcement ever since I was a little kid, and after finishing school I was able to achieve that dream in Miami Beach, Florida, where I was honored to serve the southern Florida community and to be given the opportunity to make a difference each day.

I first heard about the IACP from my Chief in Miami Beach, when he offered me the chance to join as a Police Major in 1997, but I became really got involved with the Association when a colleague called and asked if I would be interested in serving on the then legislative committee. When I did that, it was the first time I saw what the IACP was really about and how committed they were to the profession.


IACP President De Lucca swearing in Shaquille O’Neal as a Reserve Officer for the Miami Beach Police Department in 2004. 

As I have moved forward in my career and within the Association, I reflect back on what my IACP membership has meant to me. Of course, it is being able to network with my colleagues and attend the Annual Conference but it really has given me the opportunity to grow and learn about cutting edge issues, the profession as a whole and the communities we serve. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

My advice for those younger officers looking to be our future leaders within the profession and the IACP? Join now, be engaged, learn, and benefit from the many resources IACP has to offer. The IACP opens doors to so much and you should take advantage of that as early in your career as you can.

Learn more about the IACP President’s Drive or an IACP membership.

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