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New documents on Excited Delirium are now available to IACP Members! To access the documents, please click here.

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These updated documents provide chief executives with guidance and direction in the handling of individuals who appear to be in a state of excited delirium (ExDS). ExDS is a medical disorder characterized by observable behaviors including extreme mental and physiological excitement, intense agitation, hyperthermia (elevated body temperature) often resulting in nudity, hostility, exceptional strength, endurance without apparent fatigue, and unusual calmness after restraint accompanied by a risk of sudden death. While there is still some discussion among medical experts as to whether ExDS exists as a separate medical disorder, it is important that law enforcement officers be able to recognize the associated characteristics and respond accordingly. Through swift action to achieve physical control of the individual so that he or she can receive prompt medical attention, officers can help to lessen the chance of death.

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