Available Now: Listen to the Day’s Top Stories

The Lead, IACP’s daily email news briefing, has a new feature. Members are now able to listen to the briefing using the new audio capabilities we have built into the site. With the click of a button, you can have the briefing read to you with the capability of pausing, jumping back and forward in 30 second intervals (useful for long, multiple-source write ups), or moving to a different part of the briefing.

There are two paths to access the audio feature. First, click on the Archive link found at the bottom of the briefing. From there, either:

  1. Click the headphone icon that appears in the Table of Contents.

pic 1 audio


  1. Click on MENU and then select the headphone icon that appears next to BRIEFING.

pic 2 audio

pic 3 audio

This functionality is accessible to all readers, and across any device, but an internet connection is required.

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