Police Chief Bonus Articles: Keeping You Informed Throughout the Month

Who doesn’t love a bonus? There’s no downside to getting something extra, especially if that bonus item is a resource containing valuable information, ideas, and updates.

But why read the bonus articles when you already get Police Chief each month?

PC Mag

  • New, Useful Information. Bonus articles aren’t online versions of the print articles; they are new, additional sources of information on relevant topics such as education and training, recruitment and personnel, terrorism, and technology.
  • Insight by Subject Matter Experts. These online-only articles provide you with access to the knowledge and experience of law enforcement leaders and experts. For example, articles such as “Teams Learning How to Learn: A Practical Framework for Achieving Team Learning,” provide tips and recommendations to help you and your team communicate more effectively.
  • Availability. Bonus articles are available to everyone, including those without a subscription. Visit the www.policechiefmagazine.org and keep up-to-date on the latest innovations in policing. These articles also provide a great opportunity for members to introduce colleagues to the IACP and Police Chief.
  • Immediate Access. Since a new online article is released every Wednesday, you no longer need to wait a full month to read the latest information. Additionally, online articles contain information that is unavailable in the print magazine. Find online bonus articles on how to recruit and work with millennials or how to tap into the Internet to make smart cities safer. Articles like these are valuable resources to help you identify leading practices that can help you in your daily policing duties.

The online articles are interesting and educational, just like each of the monthly Police Chief issues. For example, the recent article, “Innovative Technology to Investigate Targeted Mass Violence: What the Future Holds” is a fascinating and practical exploration of the impact that developing technology has on current procedures. How do first responders approach a crime scene? How will up-and-coming technology—the likes of which would have been considered science fiction several years ago—change that approach? This article tackles these questions, and more.

Police Chief Online has many valuable resources for IACP members, Police Chief subscribers, and law enforcement professionals worldwide—don’t miss out!

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