Statement of IACP President Donald W. De Lucca on Recent Shootings of Police

Today, I turned on the news only to watch as more officers were targeted by violence. Yet again, we find ourselves sending thoughts and prayers to those in the law enforcement profession and their families. In just a few short hours in the U.S. one officer has been killed and another five wounded. At least one of the situations appears to be an ambush attack, where one officer was killed and another gravely injured simply for the uniform they wear.

I grieve with the family and friends of the officer killed in Florida and hope for a swift and full recovery for the officers in Pennsylvania and Florida. I stand with these agencies as they seek to heal and find a path forward following these attacks.

The violence against police in the United States and around the world must stop. Not only does this violence strike at the core of the policing profession, but our communities suffer as well. Law enforcement leaders, community members, law makers, and others must come together to put an end to this violence.

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