On the Front Lines: The Dedication of Law Enforcement in the Face of Natural Disasters

IACP President Donald W. De Lucca, Chief of Police, Doral, Florida, Police Department

As my department and departments throughout the region prepare for the approach of Hurricane Irma, I wanted to take a moment to express my admiration and gratitude for the brave men and women of law enforcement who have been on the front line in dealing with the preparation, and aftermath, of several recent natural disasters.   Whether faced with a hurricane, flood, or earthquake, these officers put their duty to their communities first, even though their own families and homes may have been impacted. Nothing exemplifies this sense of duty and self-sacrifice more than the actions of Sergeant Steve Perez of the Houston, Texas, Police Department who tragically drowned in the flood waters caused by Hurricane Harvey while trying to get to work.

It is through the action of Sergeant Perez and the countless other actions taken by law enforcement officers during times like this that everyone sees the true spirit of public service that is the backbone of the profession.  Thank you to all who work each and every day to keep our communities safe and constantly demonstrate that policing is the noblest profession.

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