Statement of IACP President Donald W. De Lucca on Weekend’s Deadly Attacks

Yet again, this weekend brought devastation, tragedy, and fear to our communities. Our deepest sympathies are with the victims, their families, and the communities of Marseille, France; Edmonton, Canada; and Las Vegas, United States.

Whether a knife, vehicle, or gun, the work of a lone wolf or coordinated attack, these horrific events have all brought tragedy on a global scale. We must all stand together in support for the victims and communities affected.
Law enforcement agencies and officers will continue to make every effort to protect all those who live, work in, and visit our communities around the world and to ease fears.

We applaud the bravery and dedication of all the first responders who acted swiftly to aid the injured and to keep the public safe from further harm. Our thoughts and prayers are with the law enforcement officers who were injured or lost their life in each of these tragic instances.

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