Check Out the New Policy Center Documents

When was the last time you reviewed your standards of conduct policy? The IACP Policy Center is pleased to offer new documents on Investigating Sexual Assaults, and Standards of Conduct.*

  • Investigating Sexual Assaults – the updated documents on this topic provide detailed guidelines and discussion with the goal of ensuring that law enforcement agencies take a professional, victim-centered approach to reports of sexual assaults and proactively investigate these crimes and prosecute the perpetrator in a manner that helps restore the victim’s dignity and sense of control, while decreasing the victim’s anxiety and increasing their understanding of the criminal justice system and process.
  • Standards of Conduct – law enforcement officers must be required to conduct themselves both on and off duty in a manner that reflects high ethical standards consistent with the values and mission established by their agencies and the expectations of the communities they serve. To reinforce this, agencies must clearly define what is and is not acceptable conduct through their policies, procedures, and training.

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