International Association of Chiefs of Police Applauds U.S. President Trump’s Action on Bump Stocks

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) applauds the action taken by U.S. President Donald Trump to ban the sale and use of bump fire stocks and similar devices. The President’s leadership in addressing the threat posed by these devices will assist in our efforts to make communities safer and protect the lives of both citizens and law enforcement officers.  

The IACP strongly supports the quick implementation of this regulation and believes that it should, at a minimum, prohibit the possession, import, manufacturing, transfer and sale of bump-fire devices, trigger cranks, and similar attachments or any accessories that are designed to increase or modify semi-automatic firearms to automatic weapons. 

The IACP looks forward to working with President Trump, his administration, and other policymakers as we identify and implement additional measures that will minimize the devastation caused by gun violence. 


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