Now Available: Policy Center Documents on the Topics of Employee Drug Policy and Identity Theft!

There are newly updated documents on the topics of Employee Drug Policy and Identity Theft available to you from the IACP Law Enforcement­ Policy Center. These documents can be accessed by IACP members as one of the organization’s top member benefits.

Employee Drug Policy

Many employers are establishing a zero-tolerance approach to employee use of drugs and alcohol. In no industry is this more important than law enforcement. How can an agency set the standard that the use of controlled substances will not be tolerated? How frequently should employees submit to a drug test? How should an agency respond when it has determined that an officer is using drugs or alcohol while on duty?

These newly available documents will assist you in what should be included in an Employee Drug Policy and why it is critically important to the safety of both our law enforcement colleagues and the public at large.

Identity Theft

Almost everyone has experienced their personally identifiable information being compromised in some way. This can include banking information, date of birth, passport numbers, and even biometric data, such as fingerprints. The same technology that so effortlessly improves our lives also makes it quite easy to fall victim to identity theft.

It is likely that most people will experience identity theft at some point in their lives, which can put a strain on law enforcement agencies tasked with responding to possible identity crime.

In this updated set of documents, agencies are provided guidance on necessary actions to be taken when an individual reports possible identity theft, as well as the breadth of types of identity theft that may be encountered.

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