The IACP/DuPont™ Kevlar® Survivors’ Club 2018 Update

The IACP/DuPont KEVLAR® Survivors’ Club® recognizes and honors those deserving who, as a result of wearing personal body armor, have survived red.jpga life-threatening or life-disabling incident. The Survivors’ Club mission is to reduce death and disability by encouraging increased wearing of personal body armor.

In the first half of 2018, the IACP and DuPont recognized four law enforcement officers as members of the IACP/DuPont  KEVLAR® Survivors’ Club® after surviving a life-threatening incident due to wearing their body armor.

Lieutenant Richard Gainer, Hampton, VA, Police Division

Lieuthamptonenant Gainer was on patrol duty when he was notified of the pursuit of two robbery suspects. When he reached the incident location he saw that the suspects were trying to enter a car. He attempted to arrest them, but in the struggle one suspect gained possession of Lieutenant Gainer’s firearm. The suspect began firing rounds, striking the chest area of Lieutenant Gainer’s vest at least once. The other responding officers arrived and exchanged gunfire with the suspect, who was subsequently hospitalized for his injuries. After Lieutenant Gainer finished coordinating the securing of two additional suspects he was transported to the hospital for blunt force trauma to his upper chest. He was later released.

Detective Tony Jones, St. Charles County, MO, Police Department

While working with the United States Marshall Service as a Task Force Officer, Detectiveblack Jones attempted to arrest a subject with an active felony warrant for assault and domestic violence. When the officers arrived, the subject attempted to flee and produced a pistol. He shot multiple times at Detective Jones and another officer. Detective Jones was hit in his front ballistic plate, which protected him from serious injury. The officers returned fire and ended the assault. Detective Jones sustained significant bruising to his ribs. He was later treated and released from a local hospital.

Officer Matthew Schaffran, Cranston, RI, Police Department

bOfficer Schaffran and another officer responded to a disturbance call. They checked the house and surrounding area for the subject, who appeared from the backyard and began walking towards the officers. The subject had concealed his hands, and when ordered to show compliance he attempted to engage the officers in a fight. The defendant’s mother also attacked the officers. During the scuffle, the subject repeatedly stabbed Officer Schaffran in the back with his concealed knife.  Officer Schaffran used highly effective closed hand compliance tactics to overpower the suspect, who was then placed in a cruiser. Officer Schaffran did not suffer any major injuries because his ballistic vest stopped any penetration of the knife. Officer Schaffran was treated for minor stab wounds before returning quickly to work.

Trooper Daniel Thayer, Michigan State Police Department

Trooper Thayer was serving a search warrant on a suspect involved in a cold case michhomicide investigation. The suspect was seen in a residence with a gun. The suspect shot and injured Trooper Thayer. One round went through the pistol grip portion of the buttstock of Trooper Thayer’s shotgun and severely lacerated his finger. Another round fired from the suspect’s rifle was stopped by Trooper Thayer’s complex coordinated attack vest. The round hit the loop fastener panel covering his front trauma plate, preventing serious harm. The suspect was killed in return fire.

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