Critical Messaging Sheets: A Guide to Developing Messaging That Resonates

At the core of positive community-police relations is effective communication. While social media, enhanced mobile devices, and increased access to the internet have created new spaces in which to communicate, these technologies have also made the art of communication more complex—especially for law enforcement professionals. Law enforcement personnel are often expected to discuss and respond to sensitive topics with an unrivaled level of speed, transparency, and sensitivity.

Every day, agencies around the world rise to the challenge, but not without using up-to-date facts and strategically-structured language. Seeing the need for a single, online resource that brings together these elements, the IACP created messaging worksheets for its members. These worksheets contain information about a wide range of issues, suggestions on talking-points, and guidance on how to structure a message that’s effective.

Currently, worksheets are available on the following topics:

  • Asset Forfeiture
  • Community-Police Relations
  • Encryption/Going Dark
  • Firearms: Background Checks
  • Fire Arms Security, Training and Investigation
  • Marijuana Legalization and Traffic Safety
  • Mental Health Response
  • Naloxone
  • Reducing Incarceration
  • Use of Force
  • Use of Military Equipment

To access the worksheets, visit the Critical Issues Webpage or explore your topic of interest. Messaging worksheets are a member-only benefit.

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