Police Chief: Enhanced Content and Design to Better Serve You

As an IACP member, one of your most familiar reminders of the many benefits that come with IACP membership is probably the arrival of Police Chief in your mailbox or at your agency every month. To ensure that this member benefit remains relevant and useful to you and your team IACP is launching a new, improved Police Chief in October 2018.

What’s New?

One of the first things you might notice in the updated Police Chief is its new look. This includes features, such as

  • A new, modern take on the Police Chief masthead and a refreshed cover design
  • Improved font, layout, and spacing to improve the readability of the magazine
  • An easy-to-navigate table of contents with more information, including brief article summaries, so you can quickly find a particular story or column
  • Color-coding of sections so you always know where you are and what you can expect on each page

Product Feature

  • Increased presence of sidebars, images, and call-outs to provide snapshots of content in a quick glance for when time is short.

 Cover Image

In addition to a fresh look, Police Chief also has some new content for our members and readers.

The Advisor: Three experienced law enforcement executives answer a question from a new chief or future law enforcement leader. See how other leaders have handled the challenges you are facing and get tips from those who know what it’s like to sit in the chief’s office.

October Sneak Peek: Find out from what three chiefs considered their most unexpected challenge during their first year leading an agency.

Spotlight: An innovative project by an agency is featured, along with a profile of the project’s lead or agency’s command staff. Learn what’s working at other agencies and how you can do something similar in your community.

Perspectives: Get a well-rounded look at an important topic as four individuals in different roles answers the same big-picture question about law enforcement.

October Sneak Peek: See what professionals in law enforcement and criminal justice consider to be a field-changing moment in law enforcement history.

The Beat: Your IACP membership provides access to so many resources that it can be hard to keep up sometimes! See what online resources, articles, blog posts, and social media topics your fellow members are finding most useful and engaging each month.

 What Is Staying the Same?

First and foremost, you can still expect the same high level of quality and in-depth information you’ve come to expect from Police Chief. Each issue will still have articles that dive into different aspects of the month’s topic and provide useful, actionable information.

Many of your favorite columns, such as those on officer safety, technology, legal issues, traffic safety, and, of course, the President’s Message will still appear every month, as well.

Focus on Officer Wellness

In addition, the magazine will continue to release weekly online-only articles to keep you informed all month long!

Police Chief has been evolving alongside law enforcement since the 1930s, and this is just another step in that evolution. As policing moves further into the 21st century, you can expect this reliable member benefit to keep pace as it helps you stay up to date on initiatives, solutions, and information from around the globe.

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